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When I was introduced to the web it was early days. A web site was a HTML file and maybe a CGI scripts. Things changed quickly and soon php and server side frameworks where on my radar. The amount of power that the web could provide was growing.

I learned the hacks necessary to create usable interfaces. Table layouts and sliding door tabs anyone? It was not fun and fun at the same time. I'm glad we are past the days of transparent gifs and what not. I was on board when the CSS Revolution started.

My Work



The Henri Lloyd Online project was a redesign project with a handfull of CMS custom updates. I created the initial layout and design tools using atomic design principles. After approval from the client I did the primary markup and css. This required modification of the CMS. The CMS was custom tiny PHP applications that required new SQL querys and php functions to dispaly new elements and features of the redesign.

  • Design & Layout
  • Markup & CSS
  • Custom CMS updates PHP & SQL



R&D project was a redsign project that allowed the use of newer css design tools like flexbox but maintain backwards compatability - a major concern for R&D who’s customers frequently run legacy systems.

  • Design & Layout
  • CSS


Client Side

  • JAMstack
  • ReactJS
  • webcomponents

Server Side

  • Joomla
  • Wordpress
  • express.js
  • Ruby on Rails


US Army & Air Force Collage

Multimedia Design (25M)

Virginia Collage

3d Animation & CAD